• The #1 website engine

    The #1 website engine

    Many people know of wordpress for making great blogs. But it is much more than that. Wordpress is a content management system that can power just about anything. Very many of the site you often visit are running on Wordpress.
  • Is it my serve?

    Is it my serve?

    Every website in the world is powers by a server. Ever been to a restaurant? You order a meal from the server, who takes the order to the kitchen, where the order is prepared, and the server brings the finished product to you. The internet works the same way.
  • Customer Optimization?

    Customer Optimization?

    If you have spent any time reading about websites you will have heard of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the most important aspect of any site. A site is useless if no one finds it. But, Why do we optimize for the search engine? Dont we want to please the customer more? Well, if your customers like your site, so will the search engines.

Web Design

Web design is just one part of having a website. And likely the most important. Design is the visual layout of the site. This is how your customers see your site. Together we will design a site that is informational and engaging. We will turn prospective customers into lifelong ones. 


This topic has been unclear for years. What is SEO? How do I SEO my site? People get so focused on SEO they forget the CO. Customer Optimization. Good SEO is making your content readable to a computer. That’s the base of it. But today’s search engines take things a step farther. They base your ranking not only on your content, but how your audience takes to that content. So its just important to make your content engaging to the customer as it is to the Search Engines. 

Web Hosting

Designing a website and getting the SEO and CO working for you is all well and great. But pointless if its not hosted. What is hosting? Your website is a collection of files. You need a server with a few programs to actually display the site. I maintain my own hosting servers, utilizing top level hosting. No sub processes, no unneeded extras. 


All of my pricing is on a per customer basis. Design and Hosting are priced separately and always flexible. I am a lone developer working from home. I don’t waste money on reseller hosting plans, cpanel licenses, or excessive advertizing. I maintain my own servers remotely in a large datacenter.

No surprises, I will give you the total cost including the first year of hosting before any work is started. As long as we stay in the initial scope of work that’s what you will pay. I will always tell you when something will increase the cost and let you decide. 

An average site will cost about $120 per year to host.

This includes storage, bandwidth, and a domain name. 

A shared SSL certificate is provided for free thanks to Let’s Encrypt

Design starts at $100. Some examples:

  • Single page business card website – $100
  • Portfolio Website for services (5 pages) – $250
  • Business Showcase site (10 Pages) – $350
  • Full ecommerce solution (5 pages + 10 Products) – $500

Extras like dedicated SSL certificates, extra domain names, and email are available as well. 

Custom design and coding can be done at a rate of $45 per hour. 

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