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Web Design

Design is the visual aspect of your website. Colors, Images, Fonts, etc. We will work together to make your pages engaging to your customers. Your content will be presented in a way to grab potential customers and turn them into long term ones. 


Kind of the back end of design, development is the nuts and bolts of your website. Using existing plugins and script along with custom written programs, I can get your website to perform just about any action you need. 


Search engine optimization is a very important aspect to a website you want people to be able to find on their own. A large majority of web traffic on the internet today is cultivated by search engines. Engines like Google do more then list results. They make recommendations based on your content and the customers needs. You need more than just the right keywords. Location, quality, and relevance are all metrics to your position in searches.

Web Hosting

I offer my own web hosting on servers that I maintain and control. I run the most powerful operating system for web hosting without all the extra useless bells and whistles. The server is dedicated to running websites and nothing else. Email is hosted separately. The server is optimized to run wordpress based sites utilizing multiple forms of caching and HTTP2 synchronized loading. 

I am dedicated to handling all my own services. I try to limit my dependence on third party services. Redundent services ensure I always have fall backs ready. I aim for 99% uptime and most years I pass it, including 100% uptime through 2016.

Need other IT Services?

I can do much more then just web design. Visit Lake Region Electronics for more information about all the business IT services I offer, including Point of Sale, Networking, and Computer support.